What are your figures made of and how do you do it?

My figures are made entirely by hand.

The hair of the witches, ghosts, vampires etc. or the "fur" of my animals is glued on or rooted, using various techniques.

For the clothes I either use (my own) patterns or they simply "emerge from the figure".

Sometimes I make clothes from modeling clay, but also from paper, matching fabrics or natural materials.

Depending on what I find suitable.

As you can see... it's not really easy to put into words.


How much does a figure cost?

The prices vary and depend on the effort, details etc. 

Each figure involves many hours of work, which can add up to days, weeks or even months.

For example:

A simple (!) cat (single-colored, no complicated pose etc.) needs at least 1 full working day. 

More complex cats, e.g. Maine Coons because of the coat pattern etc. can take 2-3 working days.

Anyone can work out for themselves how much a "simple" cat has to cost if I don't want to make a loss...


Based on the average wage in Germany and taking into account that as a self-employed person I also have to
pay things like health insurance, social insurance, income tax etc. and that self-employed people also have additional costs...
I think the prices should be self-explanatory by now at the latest.

 As a guideline I can say

The cats start at €120 and go up to €320. Depending on the cost, even more.

The fairies, witches, ghosts, vampires etc. start at €180 and go up to around €800.
The same applies here: depending on the effort involved.

Why do your cats cost so much when they are so small?

The size says nothing about the effort involved. 

Even a very small figure takes a lot of hours of work. Depending on the size, no less than a larger figure.

On the contrary, it is often the small figures that require the most work.


Why does a figure cost less on Ebay?

The starting prices of my figures are often set lower than the fixed prices on my website are.

Since Ebay is an auction, the price usually increases until the end of the auction.

Of course, a bidder can sometimes be lucky and "get hold of" a figure for less than my fixed prices. Congratulations! :-)

But on average, the bids go significantly higher than the starting price.

The average value of my auctions is ONE of the factors that determine my fixed prices.


Do you do commissions?

I prefer to work freely and without "specifications".

Nevertheless, I accept a limited number of commissions per year.

At the moment I prefer cats on a scale of 1:12 (sitting cats are approx. 4 - 5 cm tall).

Of course you can still ask. You can find my contact details under "Contact".

But please, don´t call me!

The German imprint law forces me to give a phone number.

You can only reach me via email or the contact form! 

 I often get a lot of inquiries. That's why it can take some time to answer and I ask for your patience.

How can I buy one of your figures and how do I find out if you are offering a new figure?

I currently sell my figures directly here on my store page or on Ebay.

As my figures are not mass-produced but purely handmade, there is not always "new stock" here and my figures often sell very quickly.


To make sure you don't miss an opportunity, you can subscribe to my mailing list here and you will be notified when I have a new figure ready and available for sale.
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