Sculpting is my passion! 
I always loved to paint and create and
I always loved "tiny things".  

So it was just a matter of time until I started
to sculpt miniatures. 
All my sculptures are
One of a Kind (OOAK) creations.  
I use high qualitiy clays and paints. Each sculpture 
is worked over 
a strong wire armature for strength
and to avoid breaking. 
For the clothes I use different materials: Fabrics,
natural fibers, 
different papers.. whatever I think that fits. 
The “fur” of my animals is made from fine wool
(alpaca & merino), silk or viscose.

I work in different sizes, about 3” to 10” (7-25 cm)
but  also in 1:12 scale.  My micro beings are very tiny...
Somewhere under 1 inch (2,5cm).

My sculptures are collectors pieces and are not intended 

for children to play with!