Xmas Special

I came up with a little something as a thank you to my loyal collectors and/or fans of my work ☺️.

I will raffle one of my 1:12 scale art dolls on 23rd January 2023.
The winner can choose between a ghost or a vampire. Both will be "floating", wearing long dresses.
The not-choosen artdoll will be regular for sale after the raffle.
Of course only one can win but it's also a great chance  for those who can not ( or not always ) afford my figures.

Additional you will get a 20% discount on one of my figurines that I offer from now on.
So if you don´t win an artdoll, you still have the 20% discount.

Whether it's in my shop on my website, on Etsy, or on Ebay. You guys know that my 1:12 art dolls usually cost at least $320. 

( Here your savings at $ 320 would be $ 64, for example ).
Of course, you can buy multiple tickets to increase your chances of winning
BUT the discount remains 20% for each buyer, no matter how many tickets you buy.
Please understand this. 

So here is your chance, good luck! ❤️

 If you are unable to complete the payment process please contact me at: Maysi-Art@gmx.de

My store system has a "hiccup" from time to time.