Commission an Artdoll

Conditions ( size about 8 to 12 inch - ca. 20 - 30 cm ):
You can commission a female or male sculpture. This can be a "real human", a ghost, vampire, witch, fairy or mermaid etc. 
Prices start at $ 600 ( for 1:2 scale pieces prices start at $ 500 )and go up to  $ 1200 ( or even more ) depending on details/amount of work/difficulty level etc.
So let me know, what you have in mind and I can tell you, if I can do it, how much the final price will be
and how long it takes, to finish the piece.

I always work on more than one piece, because I have learned, that is is helpful to pause the work on one sculpture 

from time to time to "clear the view" on this piece and to see, what can be made better etc.
And I always work parallel for sculptures for ebay or to sell on my website.

Payment (vial Paypal):
For a $ 600 ( or $ 500 if 1:12 scale) piece, full amount is due in advance.
For a piece pricier than $ 600 ( or $ 500 if 1:12 scale) we can discuss a layaway plan but a deposit from $ 600 is required that I will accept your commission.

I don´t do:
- naked sculptures (normally.. but you can always ask. But have in mind, I charge more for fully nude sculptures)
- no portraits
- I don´t copy my own work. I you fell in love with one special piece I did in the past, I can do a similar one but not more than that.
- No animals at the moment, sorry.

And I do the sculptures in "my style". But I think, if you ask me for a commission, it´s because you like my way ;-)